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Landscape Forum Topic Creation Form


On this page you can create and publish a topic, just like you would do in any other forum or social media page. However, as with any other site, you need to have an account (free) to start a topic.


If you already had an account with Landscape Photography Magazine or Wild Planet Photo Magazine before December 2016, your credentials might be the same on this website also, although you will need to reset your password. Give it a try, login below.


Before you upload your picture, make sure the jpg file title is EXACTLY the same as the Topic Title or the post will be rejected.

It is best to copy the Topic Title and paste it to the JPG File Title you are about to upload.

If the Topic Title is…
Lake Bled, Slovenia by John Smith

Then you MUST name the JPG file…
Lake Bled, Slovenia by John Smith

before you upload it.

Please Read the Instructions

Thank you for deciding to create a topic in the f11 forum.

Before you start, please make sure you read the instructions on the sidebar. It is important for the topic to be created correctly. Incorrectly created topics will be rejected.

Thank you

The f11 Team