Article Submission

We frequently publish ‘Free to Read’ articles on this website. Everyone is welcome to write an article on landscape or wildlife photography. These are not paid-for articles, they are designed to allow photographers to promote their work and their writing skills.

As we mentioned above, these articles are free for all to read, therefore there is no payment involved. So, what's in it for you? We will promote you and your work to more than 600,000 social media followers.

Article for Approval

First of all we need to approve your article. To do so, you need to send us the full text of the written article as well as the images (1500 pixels on the long side) via the submission form that can be found below. Ideally, we will need 2-3 images per 500 words. Saying that, it is also fine if your article is escorted by only one picture.

Approved Article

Once your article has been approved we will email you to let you know when it will go live.

Click here to access the submission form