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Tenerife, Canary Islands by Raico Rosenberg

This shot almost never made it. It was 2015 and my 2 year old daughter at the time had been giving us some stressful days and sleepless nights. Photography was the last thing on my mind that day. In the evening her godfather dropped by, also an avid tog and managed to convince me to get out and take some shots as the location was only a 10min drive.

The skies where dark as we had really stormy weather and my hopes of some light at sunset where slim.
We arrived late and hurried to set up and luckily the skies opened up and this gorgeous golden glow slipped through the horizon and i was able to snap a few beauties.. it certainly put a big smile on my face!

Camera Nikon D810
Lens Nikon 16-35mm f/4
Aperture f/13
S/S 6sec
ISO 200
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Raico´s aim is to create Fine Art landscape photographs, images that are both artistically inspired and technically excellent. He enjoys pushing the cameras limits with advanced techniques in such a creative way that it enables him to produce very unique and visually stunning imagery.

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