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Casablanca Beach, Morocco by Younes Zakiddine

ALL worries over your head gather like a dark clouds around you.
Your eyes are screwed and the heart is stifled and the self is narrowed. think a little and look at people
Lived their lives without seeing the light of the sun ..!
And bedridden does not know anything about this life ..! sleeping people on the sidewalk ..
And the cold was wearing them ..
others lose their safety and comfort ... And the list goes on ...
If you was sad
Remember goodness is chosen by God.
When the destiny , livelihoods are distributed, and does not give you something you want!
I fully realize that God will give you something beautiful tomorrow.
i took this photo in casablanca beach (MOROCCO) , that day i remember i was really sad and stressed by my life events . shooting in beach was a refuge to restore my confort .
the moments of the sun shine illuminates that dark cloudy atmosphere , was like a Rays of hope removes the gloom from my Heart

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About Author 

Younes Zakiddine

Younes Zakiddine , an engineer based in Casablanca, Morocco, and passionate professional photographer. When I started photography I took roads and crossroads, far away from a long calm river, I often sought and very often lost ... In 2014 I acquired a full frame DSLR , with the desire to capture memorable images! At that time I was convinced that a good camera would make me a good photographer ... Taking a step back , I realized that the machine would never replace the human being, indeed if I wanted to make more impactful photographs , I had to add my guts, that I must be able to transcribe my emotions! I relentlessly began a long process of Reflections, in the field and not forgetting the post-processing, and taking inspiration from famous photographers who fascinated me. My main job leaving me plenty of free time, I quickly organized my life around my passion, to make it a secondary activity. Self-taught, my vision and my sensitivity are constantly evolving, I like being free to create as I like , to let myself go, and to test different learning processes to communicate my own style. Thanks to photography I met the soul mate and even friends around the world! I have the feeling that photography makes us more sensitive, makes us better ... Yes I can say that the photography has changed my life!

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