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What slideshow software to show on a Smart TV?

I'm attempting to sort and grade 6 years of travel slides now that we have sold our boat and returned to dry land.

I bought a new desktop and also bought the Duplicate Slide remover program. That got rid of 29,000 in the first pass.

I want to put lengthy slideshows by country onto our Sony Bravia TV so I need a program that will step outside a computer presentation.

I tried doing one on Power Point but it won't show on the TV.

I have created them before on Picasa but a) can't save to a USB and b) captions don't show on any slides once you leave Picasa.

I assume Windows Movie Maker won't work because I don't have Windows on the Sony.

I can't get my Toshiba Satellite to get recognised as HDMI 1 on the TV (#2 is the blu-ray and #3 is my Foxtel). Turn on "Project to Second Screen" on the Toshiba display = no result.

I would be happy to run slideshows from the laptop if I could get it to show up on the TV but no luck so far (brand new HDMI cable out of the package yesterday).

The TV has trouble recognising my larger portable drives but no trouble with USB sticks.

So, can anyone chip in with their 2 Bobs worth on what Slideshow software I can use that will go on a TV


How I can get the laptop to be recognised by the TV? (probably would be good to have a slideshow program for that that's better than Picasa, also).



Running Windows 10 64 on both laptop and new desktop. Have Picasa 3 and also have Adobe #13 Elements.

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    Terry Hogan on

    I have done some trial slideshows using PhotoStage and it looks good. However, there are some things that I can’t get it to do, like put captions on slides (restricted to presets only) and a few other things.

    I tried to get answers from their Help desk but they have ignored me so that doesn’t look too good. If they’re not going to answer before they have my money, they’re unlikely to do so once it’s safely in their bank.

    They say it’s free for home use but that’s not true – after a short trial, the program will not proceed to save any slideshows without purchasing.
    If they’d bother to respond to my questions, perhaps I’d go ahead and buy it.

    Now going to try your other suggestion, Windows Movie Maker.

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    Terry Hogan on

    Thank you. D/l the PhotoStage and will play with it over the next few days. It does say that you can save to portable media so it looks like I can put shows onto external drives, which I want. Will report back with results.

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    I create slideshows with the program PhotoStage slide show producer, uploads the video to YouTube and can then see it on TV or anywhere I have Internet. PhotoStage slide show producer is a free program people can download here: http://www.nchsoftware.com/slideshow/index.html

    It is also possible to do with Windows movie maker and similar programs.

    You can also create a slideshow, burn it on DVD, play it on a DVD player and see it on TV.

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