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San Juan Mountains, SW Colorado, USA by Patrick Dillon

After last years record drought and wildfires in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado, this winter has been just the opposite with record breaking snowfall. This image features the Needle Mountains showing off its abundant snowpack in brilliant color. It has been overcast much of the winter making a nice sunset shot rather difficult so I was very pleased to see the sun finally break through at the perfect time... This winter has been relentless, refusing to let go even as we are now only a few days from June. The battle between Spring and Winter has been exceptional for landscape photography this year...

Camera Canon 6D
Lens Canon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6L
Aperture f/13
S/S 1/80sec
ISO 200
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I am a fourth generation Durango, Colorado native who has been blessed to live in such a beautiful location of our world. Landscape Photography is the best way I have found to at least try and attempt to capture these gorgeous areas and share with others.

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