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Lonesome Landscape, Utah, USA by Zachary Gertsch

I'd seen some great shots of a tall, slender hoodoo in the barren badlands surrounding Hanksville, Utah, so I set out on a stormy winter day to find it. The rain fell softly as I hiked through a wide canyon with sheer, soaring walls, making my way to the point marked on my gps. When my route rounded a curve, the towering hoodoo suddenly stood before me, reaching skyward like a lightning rod among the swirling storm above. I quickly went about scouting for a good comp, all the while hoping the hope that we landscape photographers all share--for a lucky break, a break in the storm. And when the setting sunlight somehow pierced the storm, I was ready to go with a great comp--but wait, what's that, a rainbow above me?! I sprinted up a hill, away from the hoodoo, trying to stretch my wide lens around the wide rainbow arched over the scene. With not a second to spare, I fired off only a few shots before the rainbow faded. Then I furiously reviewed the images--focus, exposure, looks good! But what, what's that, that spot, that imperfection. It's me, my lonesome shadow.

Camera Canon 5DS R
Lens Canon 16-35mm f/4L IS
Aperture f/11
S/S 1/30sec
ISO 100
Additional Notes Induro Series 2 Stealth tripod, Oboz Tamarack Low BDry hiking shoes, Mindshift Backlight 36L pack, Mammut Wenaha rain jacket
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