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Reflection Canyon, Lake Powell, Utah by Randall Hodges

Going Deep. After a 50 mile dirt road, it was time to lift my 65 pound backpack on my back and start the cross desert hike carrying all of my water for an overnight to Lake Powell. I had been wanting to do this hike for such a long time and finally the timing and weather lined up to attempt it.

I do a lot of backpacking, but carrying all of your water in the desert for an overnight, definitely took it to a new level. The hike was going pretty well while hiking in the sage, trying to route find and following landmarks along the way. But then it was time to hike over slick rock, which was very disorienting. Up and down slick rock losing and gaining elevation started to wear me down, but eventually I happened upon my first view of Lake Powell. I knew I was close and with a little more exploring I found the location I was looking for, the incredible view of Reflection Canyon.

I hurriedly set up camp, then scouted locations. Sunset went very well with great tones leaking through overcast skies, but I wanted more. For sunrise I took my location one step further to a pretty exposed location, as close to the edge as I was comfortable being. The sky was totally clear, but as the first light of the day arrived, clouds started to build, along with my excitement. Then I was treated to one of the best desert sunrises I have ever witnessed. The cloud reflections angle matched the landscape angle, adding to the surreal scene before me. One of the better experiences of my hiking and photography career.

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Camera Cannon 5D SR
Lens Cannon 16-35mm f/2.8L II
Aperture f/20
S/S 0.4sec
ISO 100
Additional Notes This is an all in camera image. I used a Singh-Ray 3 stop hard grad to balance light. Only the most minor adjustments were made
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