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Five Minutes With Wildlife and Nature Photographer Myriam Dupouy

Art and nature photographer Myriam Dupouy is a Tamron ambassador and uses photography as a tool to open people’s eyes to the beauty that’s around us. She shares her inspirations behind the lens in this Q&A

What is your favourite piece of equipment?

My favourite pieces of equipment together with my Nikon D810 and old D90 are my beloved Tamron lenses: the SP 90mm and the SP 150-600mm. I simply couldn’t live without these two lenses because they correspond to what I like and need the most in photography. What’s more, they really are excellent lenses and not only because I’m a Tamron ambassador! The SP 150-600mm is perfect for me and I guess this particular telephoto lens is widely appreciated among female nature photographers: it’s great and not too heavy so long walks are much easier. As far as the 90mm is concerned, I very recently got the new version and it seems even better than the previous one.

Myriam Dupouy

Define your photographic style.

I think it’s very difficult to define our own photographic style, especially since I’m convinced our styles and with them expectations evolve quite a lot throughout the years or depending on our states of mind. It would be a shame to be stuck in one specific style or even area or limit oneself to them. Experimenting is an eye-opener and we all need novelty and surprises from time to time. What I can tell you for sure is that I think our photos are mirrors of our selves. They reveal our emotions...

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