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Landscape lenses

I'm a Canon guy (5DMIII) would love to hear what your "go to" landscape lenses are. What do you have in your bag? I'm looking to pick up my first "wide angle", would love to hear your suggestions.
Thank you!

Mike Darga

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    I just purchased the Sigma 14-24mm 2.8. I’ll trying it the next three days in Monument Valley.

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    I have found that the following three lenses cover 99% of every shot I take.
    16-35mm f2.8
    24-70mm f2.8
    70-20mm f4

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    I recently switched systems from Canon to Sony, having had a 6D with the 16-35mm F4 L IS, I’d say it’s a pretty good set up. My own lens line up just now is limited, but I mainly shoot with the FE 28-70mm which is excellent for a “kit” lens, and a Samyang 14mm F2.8 for night sky stuff.

    Before I bought the 16-35 F4 I read literally every review I could find on it, and in the majority it out-performed the more expensive F2.8 version. It can be had for around £650 now (unsure what the US equivalent is at the moment). A worthwhile investment for a Canon body.

  4. johnfr80504

    As a Landscape shooter I almost never use a wide angle lens. My go to lens for landscapes is my Canon 70-200mm f-2.8. on my Sony A7Rii (and sometimes my 5DMk3). These are used in conjunction with a Nodal head to shoot anywhere from 20-30 & up to as many as 150 individual shots that I then stitch together. As ATNIXON mentioned this technique yields compressed landscapes that look far more natural than any wide angle lens. In my bag in order of frequency of use:

    Canon 70-200mm f-2.8 (with and without 2X converter)
    Rokinon 14mm for star photography
    Sigma 24-70mm f-2.8 (used for panoramic star photography)

    You can see some examples of photos I have done using the above methods here: http://abbascreationsphotography.com/gigaramas.htm

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    I also have the 24-105 and completely agree with Dave above, its a very underrated lens, i loved using this for my landscape work until i switched the 16-35 F/4 and this lens hardly comes off the camera now. When it does come off, its so i can either get come nice compressed landscapes with the 70-200 F/2.8 MK2 or a pano with the with 24-105.

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    Dave Noordhoff on

    I am a landscape shooter and just spent two months travelling and camping in the US Southwest, and used the following lenses on my 5DMk3 (and also on my 1DMk4) in order of frequency of use:

    24-105mm f/4L IS Mk I … underrated in my opinion, most versatile lens I own
    16-35mm f/4L IS
    70-200mm f/4L IS
    300mm f/4 IS … I used these last two alone, and also with a 1.4X TC.

    I found that these four lenses did virtually everything I needed to do. Make sure you also have a tripod and a remote release. It helps to have two bodies, so you don’t have to change lenses as much if conditions make the process “hazardous” (say in sandy Antelope Canyon)!

    I carried along a few other lenses, but never ended up using them (24mm f/2.8, 24mm f/3.5 TS, 50mm f/1.4, 100 mm f/2.8 macro). I’ll leave them at home next time.

    Dave Noordhoff

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