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Talisker Bay Sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland by Pete Rowbottom

The beautiful Taliskert Bay on the Isle of Skye at sunset, the tide level was perfect here on this evening to capture the waves washing into the bayand up and over the rocks, waiting for the sun to dip down between the sea stack and the cliffs hitting the land allowed for the sunstar to be captured shortly before the sun vanished beneath the horizon.

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    Chris Barclay on

    Hi Pete,
    Great sky on the Isle of Skye and lovely sunstar; treat yourself to a bottle of Talisker as a reward. Thanks for your presentation at the Photography show which encouraged me to upload my first image to f11 news.

    • Avatar

      Hiya Chris, Thanks, I’m absolutely made up I’ve provided some encouragement for you to do that, the fact that you took that from my talk has really made my day, thanks for taking the time to say so, did I speak to you at all at the show? I’ll have a look at your images now, you can connect with me via my website if you wish, would love your feedback as it was my first time public speaking…

      Cheers Pete

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