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New Zealand dark sky clarity

"Cosmic Sands"... this image I captured last month during July new moon. I setup my tripod on the highest dune I could find on the 26km long Farewell Spit. Surrounded by ocean all around, the sky is reasonably dark out there for a sea level location. It was a fun night exploring and I'm very happy with the contrasting green and red airglow. In the centre of the arch are the two Magellanic galaxies, visible from the southern hemisphere.

It was a tricky environment... there's a lot of sand out there! It gets everywhere. I also had a headlight failure and fell into quicksand up to my waist!
A stitched mosaic from three rows of eight frames, with the Milky way at zenith. Shot and edited aiming for even curvature and bokeh rather than compression of zenith.

Nikon D750, Samyang 24mm/1.4 Iso 10000, f3.2, 20sec

Kane Hartill

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