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Buff Tailed Bumblebee, Sheffield, UK by Janice Gill

This shot of a male Buff Tailed Bumblebee was an extremely lucky grab shot taken as I walked from my car to the house after a long journey. I spotted the male bee drinking from the chive flowers, meandering lazily in a way that is most unlike the busy workers.

I had my camera bag with me, a body ready with a macro lens. I managed to get in 6 shots before the bee flew off having taken enough nectar.

The important features are all in sharp focus here - the large eye reflecting the pink of the flower, the three small eyes at the top of the head and the pollen grains caught in the creatures hair.

The rest of the shot softens quickly producing a light, abstract halo that I personally find particularly attractive.
The moral of this story - take your camera with you everywhere - here I was returning from a shopping trip!

Camera Olympus E-M10 Mk II
Lens Olympus M.Zuiko f2.8 60mm Macro
Aperture f/4
S/S 1/50sec
ISO 400
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