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Weggis Jetty, Switzerland by Glenn Driver

Spending a week in Switzerland for work purposes, I had a bit of spare time to head to the lovely quaint town of Weggis. With there being no rail to Weggis, I hopped on the bus and was on my way. Arrived at the bus stop at around 8pm, which was in walking distance to this jetty. As it was extremely warm, there were loads of people swimming and relaxing by the jetty, so I had to be a little patient. It didn't take too long and I managed to get a few long exposures shots in before the sun completely set.

Afterwards, I headed back to the bus stop and thought I'd be back at the hotel at 10pm. However, I didn't take into account two of the scheduled buses not arriving. Luckily, the last bus for the evening did arrive and I eventually got back to the hotel after midnight. Certainly not the efficient Swiss transport system I was expecting. Luckily though, the bar was still open at the hotel as a beer was definitely in order.

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