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Interview With Patricia Davidson

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Patricia Davidson is one of the most recognised female landscape photographers in the US today. Here she shares her experiences, general advice and the reasons she switched to Fujifilm system

What was it that inspired you to become a photographer?
Living on the Southern Oregon Coast for many years really inspired my photography journey. It was so natural to start taking photos of the scenes that were just minutes from where I lived. When my husband surprised me with my first DSLR, I was hooked! Going from a point and shoot to DSLR made all the difference for my photography. It is when I started learning as much as I could about photography and began to really try to find good compositions and seek out better lighting. Prior to that it was more like snapping pictures.

How long were you photographing before you decided to become a pro? What did that process look like?
I have been shooting seriously now for about ten years. It was probably about five years ago when I thought that maybe I could do this full-time, without the day job. I had already been promoting and selling my fine art prints through exhibits, shops and to private collectors.

Since I come from a web design and development background and had my own freelance business for years, I had learned a lot about running a small business. It wasn’t hard for me to take that business knowledge into my photography business. I have heard that artists sometimes are not very good at the business aspect of selling and promoting their work, but for me it seemed natural to set up my photography business, right from the moment I sold my first print.

Last year I wrote an eBook called, Your Photography: The Essential Guide to Promoting Your Work Locally (https://patriciadavidsonphotography.com/product-category/ebooks). In the book I offer advice and information to help others learn how...

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