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Interview With Naomi Locardi

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Naomi Locardi started out as a graphic designer and with her husband, Elia, they created a successful travel photography business. Here she shares her story on how she eventually became a pro photographer

What was it that inspired you to become a photographer?
I had dabbled a little with film photography in high school and college, but wasn’t all that serious about it until many years later when I started to travel. Travelling the world has taken me to some incredible places and photography was a natural artistic outlet to capture and share the beauty of these amazing destinations. One of the things I love most about photography is that it gives you the ability to freeze time, to capture memories and experiences of a place and transport yourself back there, or take others along for the ride.

How long were you photographing before you decided to become a pro? What did that process look like?
It is a bit of a long story since my journey to becoming a pro didn’t take a straightforward path. Instead, it evolved naturally over a period of several years.

My background was in graphic design and I started my first company in 2003, focusing mainly on branding and corporate identity development. I found that my independent nature made me more well-suited for being an entrepreneur. Along with my husband, Elia, in 2010 we launched our first photography related business; a travel photography blog, www.blamethemonkey.com. Initially, it was a way to showcase his...

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