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Glyder Fawr, Wales by Karl Page

We ascended the Glyderau via Cwm Bochlwyd and a Gully to the eastern side of Bristley Ridge. Easily a grade 1, particularly during the final 50m despite the snow being fairly soft. I wasn't hopeful for great winter conditions as temperatures were rising, yet after summiting Glyder Fach I was amazed to be greeted with crisp, consolidated untouched snow and the best temperature inversion I've ever witnessed. You could not see anything south of our location due to this huge blanket of cloud. It was incredible! We left Glyder Passed, scrambled over Castell y Gwynt and headed for Glyder Fawr. Although it was one before dusk it felt very dark due to a band of cloud out to the west blocking light from the sun. The likelihood of me capturing a decent image was slim. It felt very hazy and dull. We reached the plateau of Glyder Fawr and as if on cue the nunatak (pictured) just burst with light, given a soft yellow and pink tinge to it by the setting sun. I threw my bag to the ground and fumbled for my camera and filters. Luckily the temporary light was strong enough that I didn't need to rush for my tripod. A perfect end to a perfect day out in the Glyders.

Camera Nikon D7200
Lens Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8
Aperture f/11
S/S 1/50sec
ISO 100
Additional Notes Lee filters 0.6 soft edge
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