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Tarsier Bohol, Philippines by Ricky Apalisok

I captured a beautiful portrait of this tiny, gentle and wide-eyed primate. Tarsier (Tarsius Syrichta) is the world's smallest primate. This little fella lives at the Tarsier Conservation Area in the island of Bohol, Philippines.

Camera Canon PowerShot G5
Lens Canon 35-140mm f/2.0 fixed lens
Aperture F2.8
S/S 1/25 sec
ISO 100
Additional Notes Hand held shot.
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Ricky Apalisok

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  1. Lorna Dockerill on

    Great image Ricky – thanks for posting this in the Wild Planet Photo Magazine section of F11. We’d like to invite you to submit this for publication in the magazine. Here is the submission page with all the details and how you can get paid for publishing your images in our publication.


    Lorna Dockerill
    Wild Planet Photo Magazine

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