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Canon 5D Mk IV or Canon 5Dsr

I currently use a Canon 6D and I'm finding I need more / better dynamic range and larger print sizes so I'm thinking its time for an upgrade very soon.

I've read many, many reviews, both for and against each body, but the ones I've read are just your standard review where they are walking around on a street, being filmed. I'd rather listen to honest reviews from someone who has actually been out 'in the field' with these devices, put them through their paces.

So, I'd like to hear from anyone who has good on the ground experience with both of these bodies and let me know their thoughts as which one performs better for landscape photography work. The only other addition to my photography portfolio is some studio model and product images, but I'm positive either body would perform very well for either of these, hence not including it in the main question, just as an add too, so to speak.

So, fire away folks, look forward to hearing peoples experiences here as I'm really torn between which one is going to suit me best.

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Amateur landscape photographer, looking to make his mark in the photography world. Based in the UK, my camera playgrounds include the Lake District, Peak District and Snowdonia National Park. Always looking for something different.


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    Karl Glanville on

    I have a Canon 5D IV and very pleased with the results. Excellent dynamic range, overall image quality. I’d say its truly a jack of all trades, master of mosts! My second camera body is the EOS 70D which i intend to replace as i found the full frame something irreplacable. SO am opting to purchase a 5dsr, which is a true landscape camera.

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      Many thanks indeed, i’ll settle down and have a good read of that article, appreciate it

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