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Cadini di Misura, Dolomites, Italy by Adriana Benetti Longhini

The Cadini di Misurina are situated in the Eastern Dolomites and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the Province of Belluno, and overlooking magnificent Lake Misurina and the smaller Lake Antorno where I took this photo.

Their name comes from the cadorino dialect; ciadìn which means circus or deep valley, and refers to the elevated deep valleys within the group. The highest peak in the group is Cima Cadin di San Lucano (2839 m). To the north, the Cadini border the Three Peaks of Lavaredo and to the west Lake Misurina and the Cristallo Group.

The Cadini mountains represent the extreme theatre that are the Dolomites: ancient mountains now deeply carved and eroded by glaciers and atmospheric agents with an incredible variety of towers, spires, pinnacles surround the rocks and gullies.

There are no best times to photograph this location, but I personally think autumn and winter are the most spectacular, often with beautiful cloud formations over the peaks.

My photo was taken in autumn from Lake Antorno which is a small lake located about 2 km north of the more famous lake of Misurina , just off the toll road that rises from Misurina towards the Auronzo hut and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo . It is extremely popular throughout the year as it is easily reachable by car and is inundated with tourists and photographers who often jostle each other for the well worn muddy spots created by hundreds of shoes and tripod legs trying to get the perfect shot.

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