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Wild Planet: A Stunning Short Film shot with Drones

A wide variety of creatures have been captured from the air in this beautiful short film by Hawaii-based photographer and drone pilot Karim Iliya. He writes:

"With the domestication of animals, humans came to see themselves as the masters of the planet, and the animals living upon it beasts or servants to be killed for food, put to work, or placed on this planet to serve our needs. But a closer look into the lives of animals reveals a fascinating and complex world. There are animals that seemingly have superpowers; sperm whales that can stun and paralyze other animals from a distance using sonar, lizards and salamanders that can regrow limbs, birds that can fly for half a year, large hunting cats that can take down elephants, and insects that change shape, size, and even grow wings. We live in a world where each species is more incredible than the last."

Wild Planet - Drone from Karim Iliya on Vimeo.

Wildlife filmed with DJI inspire 1 X5, Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 3 Pro drone cameras in Peru, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana, Hawaii, Kamchatka and Iceland.

Vimeo: Wild Planet - Drone Wild Planet - Drone

Filmed by Karim Iliya: Website
Editing and sound by Amanda Beenen
Additional Production
Reneé Mboya
Matthew Reichel
Sebastian Lindström

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