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Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland by Chris Ibbotson

Certain locations require a seriously early start to photograph, not just due to the early rise of the sun during the summer but also to avoid the crowds of tourists.

The Giant's Causeway is one of those such locations which can be crawling with people at sunset. I have become increasingly fond of sunrises, yes they are tough and leave me shattered for a day or two but well worth it when you get the place to yourself and perhaps the other odd hiker or mad photographer. For this photo I arrived just before 4am which effectively meant climbing out of my bed at 2:30 at the latest. There was some nice subtle colours in the sky prior to sunrise.

I almost got washed away by waves this morning when I was later down at the end of the main causeway stones where they go into the sea, they are very slippery so it's impossible to run if a freak wave comes in..which it did as I got hit by two of them with white water up to my knees and my feet almost being pulled from under me...was a real wake up call about my safety.

The Giants Causeway was formed some 60-65 million years ago when molten lava, during intense volcanic activity, cooled and shrank in successive lava flows. This resulted in both vertical and horizontal contraction forming 40000 hexagonal basalt columns up to 12m in height.

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