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First Snow in Woodfords, California, USA by Matt Carter

We were vacationing in the Carson Valley near Lake Tahoe and we were blessed with a quick overnight snow storm. I took off early to see how much fresh snow we received in the valley. We didn't get much so I braved the partially plowed road up into the Sierras through Woodfords towards Kirkwood. It was amazing. There was 12" to 18" of fresh snow, wisps of snow still falling through the low wind blown clouds and no place to park since the roads hadn't been completely plowed (and I didn't have full blown snow tires or chains on my AWD sport utility vehicle). The light and shadow was changing by the second as the clouds raced through the trees. One second there was nothing, then the next second there was amazing definition and shadow and then nothing again. I had to stay near the car in case a snow plow or highway patrol wanted my to clear the chain up area, so I couldn't wander off into the snow in search of the perfect shot. But I did manage to capture a few really nice images before I was blasted by a snowplow. *note to self, power windows aren't all that fast!

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ISO 100
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