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Turning Pro

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You love landscape photography. So, how hard is it to turn professional and combine hobby with work? Will you be able pay the mortgage by photographing landscapes? John G Moore explains

As this article is sponsored by Sigma, you might be thinking “Can I trust this guy’s opinion?” Well, it is easy for me to say “yes, you can” but, honestly, I really mean “yes, you can.” Anyone who knows me knows that I hate lying. If a particular item of equipment is exceptional, I have no trouble endorsing it. If It is not, I’ll say so. I have used Sigma lenses that have ticked both boxes but, thankfully, 95% of Sigma’s output is extremely good, with some of them (the ones I use), simply being exceptional and the best in their class.

I was introduced early to photography; my grandfather gave me a Kodak Box Brownie when I was four or five. Through my younger years and then into my teens I loved taking photographs. Not because I had any great desire to become a professional; my passion was driven purely to capture personal moments. You see, great photography is all about emotions for me. It is not how a photograph is taken that is most important, It is where the photograph takes you. I think the best photographs have an intricate vocabulary of their own – what they capture and relate to is a powerful feeling. It is futile to try to verbalise about the emotions in an image because, if It is not in the picture, It is not worth talking about. A great photo is great because the...

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