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London, England by Linus Leijon

This is a photo with a lot of work done for me to get it. I was walking around in London and looking for the best shot I could possibly get of The Tower Bridge, I had walked past this compositions so many times both when it was taken and years before that. I had hired a city bike this time and I was out searching for nice photos to take, I had to walk the last bit and then I just saw this beautiful composition.

It happened to be during sunset and the light was just absolutely gorgeous so I just had to put up my tripod and camera to take some photos. This is one of the long exposures I took which I think worked amazing with the light and the bridge framed by the lamps.

Camera Sony Alpha A3000
Lens Sony E 16mm 2.8
Aperture f/7.1
S/S 30sec
ISO 100
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About Author 

Linus Leijon

I’m Linus Leijon a Swedish Landscape and cityscape photographer, photography is and has for a long time been my biggest passion in life, and my biggest goal in life is to make a living of what I love to do. I love to show people my photographs and show them my way to tell stories, because every single one of my photos is a story.


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