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Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria by Yuliyan Ivanov

I have always enjoyed visiting the mountains in the spring, when the weather is so quikly changing, but during that period you can enjoy fogs, ice melting, etc. The Seven Rila Lakes are a group of glacial lakes, located in the northwestern part of Rila Mountain, Bulgaria. Their names comes after their shapes and qualities. The highest one is the Tear Lake (at 2535m altitude), gaining it's name for it's crystal-clear water.

The next one is the Eye Lake. With it's depth of 37.5 meters it is the deepest glacial lake on the whole Balkan peninsula. Then follows the so-called Kidney Lake, because of it's shape. It is the second deepest lake within the group (28m, located on 2282m altitude). The next one is the Twin (27.5m at 2243m), then the Three leaf - 6.5m at 2216m, the Fish lake (the shallowest) - 2.5m at 2184m and the Lower one (11m at 2095m altitude).

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