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Siberian Tiger, Czechia by Jan Stria

Young Siberian Tiger walking freely through dew covered meadow early in the morning. Amazing atmosphere by a lake when fog created mystical conditions. Very beautiful and majestic creature.

Camera Canon 80D
Lens Canon EF 70-300mm f/4,0-5,6 L IS USM
Aperture F5.6
S/S 1/800
ISO 1600
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  1. It is so vital with ‘wildlife’ images that the viewers are made aware when it is a captive subject, so to not mislead your audience. The author need to take responsibility inning up, as do editors, when made aware.

    Many aspiring photographer should be made aware so that they know what can be realistically achieved. For those in the know, to photograph a wild Siberian Tiger is neigh on impossible without spending months – this is clearly not one of those, as nice as it is.

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