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San Juan Mountains, Colorado, USA by Benj Wadsworth

My brother and I recently backpacked more or less from Durango to Silverton, Colorado via what was dubbed by those before us as the "Weminuche High Route", a mostly off trail route in the San Juan Mountains. It was a fantastic trip on many fronts but two things will stick in my memory...

1. The wildflowers were unreal. When we weren't hiking over nasty, loose talus (ok - maybe three things will stick in my memory) we were hiking through spectacular fields of wildflowers. I've never seen anything like it and probably never will again.

2. It rains a lot in sunny Colorado (which may explain #1). We expected afternoon thunder storms, and I have dealt with those a lot in the Northern Rockies. They are pretty quaint really if you don't get killed by lightening. The clouds build up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, it pours for half an hour or so with blue skies in the distance, and then there is a beautiful rainbow and the sun comes out. Not so in Colorado. Rather, the clouds start building at 10 am or so, the rain starts soon after, and it pours, hails or spits on you until dinner. I've decided the whole "sunny Colorado" thing is a myth promoted by the CO chamber of commerce. That being said, the weather made for some great photos!

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